May 10, 2023

Surfing into NewWork and NewLife!

What we can learn from Surfing for more Inner Peace and Ease in our business lives

The TOP 10 of my Surf-Philosophy

My story: From VW spokeswoman & competitive athlete to a self-employed consultant & fun sportsperson

I did it: At the age of 34 - after 15 years of competitive sports, a big corporate career and a serious injury - I did something completely new in 2020: I started to learn surfing. At first I was very afraid of the sea, the reef and the waves, I was over-cautious because of my injury.
Little by little, I regained confidence in my body and my strength in the water. I experienced that my own efficacy is greater than my fear. I experienced how wonderful it is to be carried by the waves, how fun & easy life can be. I have felt what heaven on earth feels like.
And I experienced how well surfing supports me in creating my brand new, meaningful and fulfilling working life and how much I can learn from surfing for it. This has led to the creation of my very own Surf Philosophy, which I share with people and companies who long for new forms of work and life - for more ease & fulfillment in the everyday working life. For a better business world. 

"This feeling when you're on the
completely connected with the sea,
totally in the here & now,
strong and totally light...

This feeling, this is LIFE.
Free. Alive. Fulfilling."

Here I have summarised the TOP-10 of my Surf Philosophy for you:

1. Face your Fears!
So often, fears hold us back from chasing our dreams and engaging in change. But: Only when we confront our fears can we have new, great experiences. Only then can we go out into the waves of the sea and experience the unique surfing feelings. 
It's not about ignoring our fears, but bringing them into our consciousness, actively dealing with them, and then exploring the waves of change together with them. And above all: to surf them successfully!

2. Pleasure instead of Performance Pressure 

We live in a society where work and even sport are subject to constant competitive pressure. When surfing with me, you learn and experience how liberating, easy and beneficial it feels to put fun and pleasure first and not performance (at work and in the water). And that success and fulfillment then follow - all by themselves.

3. Feelings over Thoughts

Most people in Western countries are thoughts-driven and stuck in limiting, stereotypical thinking patterns. Whether it's about change in your work life or in your company - we need to learn to free ourselves from limiting thoughts and use our curiosity and our feelings as a compass on the way to create a better work life. In the waves of the ocean you will experience how important and good this is: Only when you succeed in letting go of tense thoughts and expectations and only when you start trusting your feelings and your abilities - then you can let yourself be carried by the waves and by life.

4. Go with the Flow

"We cannot stop the waves of life, but we can learn to surf." - The pressure for happiness and success in our society is high. But no human being is always happy, no one catches every wave and no organization can stand against the waves of change in the long run. Working with me, you learn to trust the flow of life and change.
You learn to:

  • deal confidently with the waves (= challenges and changes ) of life & work,
  • develop acceptance & trust for the washing machines of surfing & life, 
  • surf a really cool wave from time to time (= feel successful & fulfilled) and
  • to create a calm sea ground for yourself (= to feel inner peace & contentment).

5. Know the Surf Conditions 

Before you jump into the waves, it is important that you inform yourself comprehensively about the suitable surf spot, the wave forecast, currents, storms and surf rules. As a woman/man in the business world, it is equally important to know about the conditions: Working with me, you will therefore learn essentials about the structures & mechanisms of our current working system and about the challenges as a woman or man in it. You learn to successfully face these waves and to create more inner peace and contentment in yourself.

I have experienced it myself: We can learn a lot from Surfing for a NewWork and NewLife.

6. Have an experienced & fun Coach by your side
We have teachers for mathematics and for surfing who teach us certain skills. But how to find our way through life and deal with the waves of change is something we should know on our own ;-). That's why I recommend every person - both in the water and on land - to have a Surf Coach who supports you individually through the waves of change and challenges in your life and supports you in creating an individually harmonious work and life routine.

7. Be in the Here & Now

Much of our suffering is caused by our thoughts, which often circle around the past, fuel fears of possible future scenarios and put us under constant pressure. With me you will learn concrete techniques that support you to be more in the here & now, to be caring with yourself and to feel your own self deeply. Whether in a guided meditation, while dancing or out in the waves of the sea - what could be better than letting go of all thoughts, immersing yourself fully in the moment and simply enjoying your magnificent being?

8. Respect your own Borders

The hamster wheel of efficiency is turning faster and faster for many of us. We always want to go higher and further up the career ladder, we constantly want to optimize our lives.  But you are a human being. And like all beings you go through phases (day/night, winter/summer, female cycle), like all beings you have limited energy resources and you need nurturing rest and recreation phases. That is not only important, but even essential for survival! Developing an awareness of this, respecting your energy borders, feeling your body & going to the beach to rest regularly - this is essential in your job as well as in surfing.

9. Experience your own Power

From an early age, we women are told to be cautious, to take the safer route, to hold back. So we often trust ourselves much less than we are actually capable of. Many men still see themselves trapped in classic provider roles and find it difficult to follow their own ideas of work and life. In the waves of the sea, you can excellently experience how powerful and effective you truly are! That you can survive - even in the waves of the ocean. That you can create much more in your job and in your life than you might have believed so far. And especially: that change and making new experiences is a lot of fun!

10. You surf into the direction you are looking to!
But: In which direction should your work and life actually go? In which direction do you want to develop your team? After years of education and training according to the expectations and standards of others, you first have to find out what YOU actually want: How exactly do you want to work? How do you want to live? And what is your innermost longing for? I know the challenges of this discovery very well and I accompany you with my sensitivity, my encouraging energy and concrete support on your very individual journey. In this way, you gradually learn to trust your self again and to surf more and more into YOUR direction.

Are you ready to surf?!