My Vision:
More Diversity in Leadership

More Women.
New Leadership Styles.
So that humans can be human again. 

For this purpose I empower & support women in coachings and I advise companies on change, diversity & new work. 

I have a dream

I want to live in a world in which people enjoy a fulfilled life & work.
A world which women & men shape equally - together and for each other. 
A world in which we take responsibility - for ourselves, our individual journey through life and the future of our earth. 

This dream drives me. And I want to make my contribution to shape this world.
As a companion for women. As a companion for companies. 

For a (working-) world more worth living.

In Coachings I empower & support women - for success and contentment in life

Our current working world has been made from men for men. Therefore it is quite challenging for us women to work in these patriarchal structures. That's why I support women in Coachings and help them in shaping their own, individual way through their life and their career - aiming to be successful while staying true to themselves.

  • For a successful & content path through life and work.
  • For more women in leadership. 

If you are interested in a 1:1 Coaching with me, please get in touch with me. The first Coaching session is free of charge and gives us both the chance to get to know each other and get a feeling, if we match to work together.

Furthermore I regularly offer Group Speed Coachings for students and job starters - aiming that the participants get a first idea about Coaching and its potential.

I consult & accompany companies, who want to create and live a new working world

How do we wanna shape leadership?
How can we find new ways of cooperation?
How can leadership become more diverse?

I support company leaders in finding their own, individual answers to these questions. 

  • For a purpose-driven and successful working culture.
  • For new leadership styles. 

Furthermore I offer a unique sensitivity training specialized on unconscious gender biases - for HR experts, leaders and teams. 

About me: Christine Sing

My Career Path

After my studies of applied cultural sciences I worked eight years in different positions of the Volkswagen Communications. In my last position I was a spokesperson responsible for New Mobility & Industry 4.0. Before I worked for VW in Beijing, for Skoda in Prague and for the in-house seat supplier Sitech.

During this time I could experience how challenging, but also how much fun a career as a women in the business world is. And I found out, what "good work" means for me: To work in a team, which truly supports me, when I need it. To have a boss, who trusts me and who is there for me in critical situations. To work in a culture which gives me freedom for my own decisions and where I enjoy contributing and creating. 

These experiences encouraged me to go my own, individual way:
At the end of 2018 I decided to go for a change, which allows me to bring my beliefs more creative to life: As Coach & Consultant I am dedicated to more female leaders and new styles of work. 

How I am

A few minutes ago we were still discussing about god, business and the world - and now we are having a big snowball fight. That's me!

To live my life, to pursue my dedications in my job and to contribute with my personal talents to create a better future. That's what I live & love.That's what fulfills me. 

In doing so a conscious and mindful life is important to me - for me, the people around me and our earth. 

I preferable spend my time outside - at/in the ocean, in the snow, in a tent, in the mountains, in meditation or in my garden. The silence and the connection to nature ground me amazingly and bring me the feeling of easiness & freedom. 

Because the waves of life also accompany me - sometimes I succeed in surfing them, some waves just run over me (also called "washing machine" :-)). Nevertheless I find it incredible stunning to feel the different waves of life - with the right methods, professional support and with the trust, that they will again and again carry me to beautiful beaches..

You share my visions?

You are a women looking for an empowering support in finding your own way through (work-) life? 

You are a leader wanting to open a new, more diverse and more human chapter in your company?

Then I am looking forward to hear from you!

Either by using the contact form below or through the channels linked. 


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